Terms of Use

v1.1 Documentation, Last updated 2 Dec 2023

  1. Agreement

By using or purchasing Arrow Dynamics, you agree to abide by these terms. Arrow Dynamics is a customisable Framer component library to build interactive animations, owned and operated by Framer.zip ↗︎. The following terms also implies to all Framer.zip components and overrides available in the ‘Pro’ plan as part of the editable files of Arrow Dynamics Landing page.

  1. Licensing & Usage

First things First

When you buy Arrow Dynamics, you're purchasing a license to use the digital component, not the rights to the component or the code underneath.

  • First things first
    When you buy Arrow Dynamics, you're purchasing a license to use the digital component, not the rights to the component or the code underneath.

  • License Types

    • Trial → Use the component anywhere.

    • Basic → Use the component for your Personal projects only.

    • Pro → Use the component in your Personal and Client projects as well.

  • What YOU CAN Do

    • Use Arrow Dynamics in any project, for Personal or Client work, as per your license.

    • Customise the components to your needs.

  • What YOU CAN'T Do

    • Use Arrow Dynamics in any Framer template or Remix links (except for the Trial Component ↗︎).

    • Resell or Redistribute Arrow Dynamics, whether you've changed it or not.

    • Reuse elements of Arrow Dynamics Website without attribution.

    • Reverse engineer any part of Arrow Dynamics.

    • Detach the component and ask for future updates to the component.

  • Upgrading
    Need to shift from ‘Basic’ to ‘Pro’? Reach out to us at hi@framer.zip ↗︎, and we'll adjust your prior payment.

  1. No Refunds

Given the digital nature of Arrow Dynamics, all sales are final.

  1. Your Responsibility

Be cautious when downloading anything online. We do our best, but can't guarantee that Arrow Dynamics is free of malicious code. Always use anti-virus software and backup your data.

  1. Our Guarantee

We provide Arrow Dynamics "as is", and while we strive for perfection, we can't promise it’s free from minor errors. We're not responsible for any damages or losses related to your use of Arrow Dynamics.

  1. Accuracy

Our components are designed with care, but occasionally, errors happen. If you spot one, let us know! We shall keep updating Arrow Dynamics over time, but there's no set schedule.

  1. Change of Terms

From time to time, we might update these terms. Keep an eye out, and always make sure you're comfortable with the latest version.

  1. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns related to these Terms & Conditions, please contact us at hi@framer.zip ↗︎ OR you can also reach out to us on X (Twitter) ↗︎.

Arrow Dynamics™ v1.1 © 2023 → by Framer.zip ↗︎